Georges Aperghis – migrants

about the disappearances of our times

Agata Zubel – Soprano
Christina Daletska – Mezzo Soprano
Genevieve Strosser - Viola
Emilio Pomàrico – Conductor
Ensemble Resonanz

Upcoming concert: 12th June 2023, Cologne Philharmonic Hall

When I started Migrants I-III, I wanted to give a face to the people going missing every day.

Not only to the drowned corpses which wash up on Europe's shores, but to the scores of the living wandering through Europe without an identity, no longer officially recognisable as alive. (…) I soon felt, that the work wasn’t finished. Today, the focus on disappearing recedes into the background, where it remains as an ever-present white noise before which other events evolve and develop their own dependencies. - Georges Aperghis


Georges Aperghis - migrants I-V, for two female voices, solo-viola and Ensemble (2018 - 2021)