Interactive concert for 6 – 10 year olds and their parents


"Magic music" is a format for 6 – 10 year olds developed by Ensemble Resonanz, the magician Nico Valentino and concert pedagogue Barbara Stiller. It premiered in February 2010 and has since been shown to great acclaim all over Hamburg.

Where on earth can the music have got to? The eleven members of a string orchestra, about to give a concert, are plunged into chaos when no one can find the music they're supposed to be playing. Their conductor, magician Nico Valentino, tries to help them find it, but is hampered by all manner of unforeseeable happenings suggesting that sorcery and magic are at work. Eventually, though, everything comes together and the performance is able to take place.

As the conductor, magician Nico Valentino talks the audience through the programme, entertainingly conveying the fascination of music old and new. The children learn how an orchestra is put together and experience firsthand how a piece of classical music comes into being.


Magic music is a self-contained, moderated 60-minute format which does not require prior teaching or follow-up and which is suitable for children with or without parental accompaniment. If you would like to book the programme, please get in touch ()!