Elfi baby concerts


Elbphilharmonie Kompass concerts for expectant mothers and parents with babies under 1


Contact with the outside world begins in the womb, and takes place mainly via the ear. As well as being soothed by the regular heartbeat and familiar voice of their mother, unborn babies also react to sounds from the external environment. Classical music has a calming effect on both mother and child during pregnancy, and can provide a welcome and much-needed opportunity for relaxation even after the birth – for baby and caregivers alike.

These moderated afternoon string concerts brought to you by Ensemble Resonanz  provide a 45 minute breather from the stress of everyday life. Melody, tempo and dynamics weave a gentle cocoon inside which you are free to concentrate fully on yourself and your child. The concerts are held all over Hamburg so you will never have to travel far. Pram parking, changing facilities and ample crawling space provided! Concerts start at 3.30 pm.


Elfi is a series of concerts from Elbphilharmonie Kompass in cooperation with Ensemble Resonanz.