Partners and sponsors are a fundamental part of the culture of our orchestra. As an entrepreneurial undertaking, Ensemble Resonanz generates much of its income itself, but in order to do so needs strong commercial partners who share our enthusiasm for music and are prepared to commit to a unique ensemble with a repertoire of daring and inspiring projects.

In return, Ensemble Resonanz enables its partners to put their support of culture to effective strategic use. We pay a lot of attention to authenticity and marketing efficiency, making for a partnership from which both sides profit equally.

Wishes and ideas can be discussed with us on an individual basis. From exclusive client events to interactive orchestra rehearsals, we offer our sponsors a plethora of rewards which breathe life and energy into your financial commitment !  


Please feel free to contact us!

Tobias Rempe
Managing Director
+49 (0)40 35 70 41 760
Elisa Erkelenz
Communication and Fundraising
+49 (0)40 35 70 41 765