into the unknown: »gravity«

Thu 15.06.2017, 19:30h

Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal

Jörg Widmann (Clarinet and Direction), Ensemble Resonanz

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If the world is everything that is the case, is it the case that everything must fall? Proximity to the sun softens the wax that holds the wings. Sweet singing is a lure to the island of the sirens, and out of earshot the spell ceases to work. Soaring higher with Mendelssohn: drawn by desire for the heavens.


Jörg Widmann, Clarinet and Direction

Ensemble Resonanz

Anchor offer


Conversations in the bunker about hearing and what is foreign to us - explored from the perspectives of science, philosophy and music.

Tue 06.06.2017, 19h, resonanzraum St. Pauli.

5 Euros.



The Ensemble opens the doors of the resonanzraum on a warts-and-all rehearsal. A glimpse behind the scenes that reveals how a concert comes into being.

Sun 11.06.2017, 16h, resonanzraum St. Pauli. 

Free admisison.



The Sounddesigner and composer Andi Otto and the dancer and choreographer Victoria Hauke present their new project. For offbeat they develope a multi-sensoric soundroom, which will be turned on by the dancer. At the end, the artists will talk with the audience. 

Mon 05.06.2017 & 06.06.2017, 20:00h, Studio Victoria Hauke, Lämmersieth 21

Amission: 10 EUR - only online tickets



A guided introduction to the works on programme provided is by the Ensemble's soloists, composers, conductors and leaders - with the backing of the rest of the orchestra. 

Tue 13.06.2017, 18h, resonanzraum St. Pauli. 

Free admission.