into the unknown: »identity«

Fri 14.04.2017, 19:30h

Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal

Isabelle Faust (violin and direction), Ensemble Resonanz

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We are strangers to ourselves. Is it true that anything is possible? Or just that there is no nothing? A new violin concerto by Oscar Strasnoy puts both ideas to the test. And how much Mozart is there in his Caribbean doppelgänger? Back to the roots.



Isabelle Faust, Violin and Direction

Ensemble Resonanz



Anchor offer


Conversations in the bunker about hearing and what is foreign to us - explored from the perspectives of science, philosophy and music.

Tue 11.04.2017, 19h, resonanzraum St. Pauli.

5 Euros.



The Ensemble opens the doors of the resonanzraum on a warts-and-all rehearsal. A glimpse behind the scenes that reveals how a concert comes into being.

Sun 09.04.2017, 16:30h, resonanzraum St. Pauli.

Free admission.



Based on some field-recordings, which was also used by the composer Oscar Strasnoy for his new violinconcert as inspiration, the Percussionist and Soundhunter Sven Kacirek developed an evening between live-concert and installation. In a second Set, he will work with field-recordings, which he took of his last journey in Kenia.

Thu 13.04.2017, 20:30h, Westwerk, Admiralitätstr. 74

Admission: 10 EUR



A guided introduction to the works on programme provided is by the Ensemble's soloists, composers, conductors and leaders - with the backing of the rest of the orchestra. 

Wed 12.04.2017, 18h, resonanzraum St. Pauli.

Free admission.