Thu 20.02.2014, 20:00h

Metz, Arsenal

Moritz Eggert (piano), Thierry Pécou (piano), Ensemble Variances, Jonathan Stockhammer (conductor), Ensemble Resonanz


A composer portrait, embedded in a German-French ensemble exchange. Thierry Pécou and Moritz Eggert, two exceptional composers of our time, each wrote a new work that includes both ensembles with their very own sound identity. Together they change the perspective - across borders, contemporary.


Moritz Eggert (*1965)

»1,2,3« (premiere)

comissioned by NDR


Thierry Pécou (*1965)

»Les liasons magnétiques« (premiere) 

comissioned by Radio France


Thierry Pécou

»Lady’s Cowe«


Moritz Eggert

»Aboriginal« (1998)


Thierry Pécou 

»Sextuor« (2011)


Moritz Eggert

»Croatoan II« (1999)

The concert will take place in Hamburg on 8 October 2014, Rolf-Liebermann-Studio. 

A co-production of the NDR, Arsenal de Metz and the Présences Festival of Radio France. With support of the fund impulses New Music.