Georg Friedrich Haas

upcoming commission // January 2017 

New work for the opening of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie

25 min


The new piece of Georg Friedrich Haas turns a static installation in the beginning (the piece has already begun when the audience enters the hall) imperceptibly into a concert process. This happens due to a change of the musician’s positions and instruments and by an imperceptible change of the situation - caused by the music.


Instrumentation: 6-6-4-4-2, harp, conductor (also playing piano)


Emilio Pomárico, conductor

Ensemble Resonanz


»I basically can hear the piece already. This work begins before the audience entrance. Each string player has a microtonally tuned second instrument. The musicians are on a gallery - or in the back of the hall or surrounding the audience - playing with their second instruments, open strings, harmonics. On stage at that moment: a harp player with 2 microtonal tuned harps and the conductor, leading the music by playing the piano. And the straight-tuned string instruments are placed on the musicians chairs – ready to be played. Once the audience has taken their chairs, the musicians start appearing on stage taking their own instruments, the conductor switches to the conductors desk. After another five minutes the situation has changed, the concert/piece has started. The piece is about breath. About spiritual experience. About the search for ecstasy.«

Georg Friedrich Haas (July 2015) 



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